An old Japanese proverb says, “to take care of others is the most essential and true Human quality.” Just like that, Mukharochak’s ideology and principleare all about consistent high quality of all its products which in turn takes care of edible pleasure of all its loyal consumers. Mukharochak and quality became synonymous in Indian Snacks market where there is a constant tussle between business interests and consumer’s health.

Mukharochak - Ideology of High Quality

The management team of Mukharochak spends an enormous amount of time in directtesting method. Mukharochak painstakingly source all the pulses and other food grains used in its products from remote and authentic places spread across the country. They get checked manually and minutely in its raw form at the internal laboratory of the company. Mukharochak’s quality control team firmly believes that only the human tongue has the most advanced bio-mechanism to take the right decision about quality of all the ingredients. To complement the strict selection of all ingredients, Mukharochak engages a team of highly skilled chefs who are trained in house exclusively for the brand.

Mukharochak - Quality Control Check

The role of the advanced automation follows the first few stringent and strictest rounds of checks. Under this automation system, the entire plant maintains cleanliness which can match any of the global standard. This exclusivity of team Mukharochak makes all its products irresistibly tasty that one just can’t stop eating. This is supported by another unique feature of Mukharochak – a surprisingly sweet signing off feeling in mouth, even if the snack is spicy or salty. And above all, it is the healthy and quality conscious environment of Mukharochak where each pack of Snack offers - excitingly unique taste and quality, QUALITY and MORE QUALITY.

Mukharochak - Excitingly Unique Taste and Quality